Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my personal website. Here you’ll find links to some of my published works, along with a running blog of short essays, book recommendations, and other pieces original to this site. Now, a bit more about me…

I’m a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago, where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a double-minor in Environmental Sustainability and History. Likewise, I’ve built my career around many of these same studies. Whether it’s through political campaigns or environmental conservation, my professional career embodies the issues and values that I care about. That’s why I’ve most recently worked at Invenergy LLC, an innovative private developer of wind and solar energy, or why I used to also work at the Chicago Parks District for public art and community events.

And I’ve spent time on the political end of things, too. I’m especially proud of my days at the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, where we helped pass universal background checks on gun sales in the State of Washington. I also interned for two of my former members of Congress: Mike Quigley & Susan DelBene. Those opportunities crystallized my commitment to forward-thinking and Progressive causes, and the people I met during those campaigns continue to awe and inspire me.

But there are also the things that a resume-blurb can’t quite capture. I’m a voracious reader and a devourer of the classics— some of my favorite moments have been spent in the company of the Woolf’s, the Hemingway’s, and the Steinbeck’s. I write nearly as much as I read: poetry, short stories, even novel-length works. I like theatre & film (I can’t act in the slightest), I love music (I really only dabble), and I enjoy growing things: find me in the summertime, and I’ll be tinkering with the garden (herbs and tomato-plants, mostly). In the words of Walt Whitman, “I contain multitudes”, just as we all do.

I hope that you enjoy your quick jaunt through this site! If you enjoy anything in particular, or especially despise anything, please write me an email. I love all forms of feedback. Even the angry tirades.

Thanks again, and best wishes!

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