Hi there! Welcome to my site! I consider this blog & website a sort of hand-pulled lemonade cart in a gigantic digital shopping mall: really I’m not quite sure why you’ve stopped here with me— especially with all the good content out there— but something drew you in, so I’m thankful for that! Now, a bit about me:

I currently live in Chicago somewhere on the marshmallowy north-side, and I do a lot of things: work, commute-on-the-train, write, and repeat. My interests are primarily in politics, history, literature, and the environment, but I try hard not to limit myself. There is no shortage of great things to write about.

With the 2020 election looming ever closer, I’ve decided to pick this blog up again. At the very least it’s part of my own Sisyphean-effort to push back on the noise and the distractions in our manufactured bubbles. In the event that you find something i write actually insightful, then I’m even more glad! That’s why I write.

I hope that you enjoy this site and my work! If you have any questions or feedback, or disagree with me especially, please write me an email! I love all forms of feedback. Even the tirades.

Thanks again, and best wishes!

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