Rain Date

A young woman today fiddled her thumbs at a table in the café,

Her eyes darting around the room nervously, as if searching for someone.

Or something.

She sat there for hours as I typed away at an essay.

She stayed there by herself, unchanging and much the same.

The minutes passed, turning into hours,

Her radiant smile receded, she looked defeated.

Her date never showed up.

Glances of anxiety turned into sadness and despair,

She rolled into the farthest reaches of her chair,

Lowering her head parallel to the table.

She got up and left,

But gave a parting nod to me, as if I was the only one that recognized her existence.

She stood at the edge of the street and hailed a taxi,

But they all passed her.

The clouds rolled in and the skies parted,

Rain began to fall at a steady pace.

She had dressed for the sun in a beautiful flowery dress,

It became drenched.

I couldn’t separate the rain falling,

From the tears welling upon her cheeks.

She walked alone in the rain.


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