Throwback Thursday: Space & War

This is a post from a year ago today, when bombs were falling on Gaza as the world watched in horror. As NASA made an important discovery today in relation to the probability of life outside of our solar system, I figured this would be an appropriate picture to share. Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.20.13 PM

“Stumbled upon a picture snapped by a German astronaut on board the International Space Station this past night. The city and the unusual bursts of lights stemming from the landscape and ocean are rather beautiful; until you realize that this image is of Israel and Gaza at war.
This image symbolizes exactly how I feel about this conflict. Here we are as a species, advanced enough to capture high definition pictures beyond the outermost barriers of Earth’s atmosphere aboard a space station that is home to men and women of a variety of nationalities acting in the name of science and human progress. Yet only a short distance below are humans suffering and fighting in a conflict that shows no clear end in sight, victims of a mindset that teaches humanity to hate, despise, and grow intolerant of those they fear and don’t know.

It’s the great irony of life that we can be so advanced yet so primitive at the same time. This conflict, bloody and cruel for innocents on both sides, isn’t going to be solved by the tearing down of homes or launching of rockets. It will only be solved when people are able to come together, look within themselves and the nighttime sky, and see that a peaceful and prosperous future only exists in a world where people are willing to toss aside old prejudices in the name of progress and peace.

And here we are, looking down from space at a conflict that is too familiar to those that live in this region. War, and the harming of innocents, has been an unfortunate consequence of intolerance throughout all of human history, yet today we possess the tools and technologies to examine these conflicts at a different angle. Despite the arguments of those on both side, peace doesn’t come through the wielding of the sword, but instead it comes through people coming together through the collective dreams and aspirations that we all share.

People dream of peace, freedom from fear, and they dream of exploring the unknown. While today these astronauts may gaze down upon Earth and see a world of violence and intolerance, I dream that one day we will all be able to view our world in a different way and witness the beauty that is peace, stability, and progress.”


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Space & War

  1. It amazes me too that humans can be capable of so many wonderful things, yet turn around and behave in barbaric ways. There has to be life out there somewhere, humans in their current state, surely can’t be the height of universal intelligence?

    • I absolutely wouldn’t be surprised if there’s life out there besides our own!! When you consider that there are billions and billions of stars and solar systems, there must surely be something out there! And certainly something more intelligent than we are right now!

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