I don’t know why you’re here, but I appreciate it. About me:

I grew up out ‘West’ and then moved to the American Middle-West for a degree in Political Science (with a dash of other things sprinkled in). Once upon a time, too, I worked on political campaigns, NGOs, and corporations with techie brands and kombucha on tap. But not at the moment.

I’ve moved around a lot, but my interests have kept steady through all of that change: history, literature, ecology, ‘The Left’. But I try not to limit myself. There is no shortage of great things to think about. And with the dust settled on an election (and everything unsettled by a pandemic), I’ve decided to pick up this site again. At the very least it’s part of my own Sisyphean-effort to tear away from the noise and distractions of the modern digital age (yet this, of course, is online. The irony). At best, perhaps it’s something for you too — and maybe with a fair amount of luck you will read a thing of mine and leave with a line that you liked or a thought that led you to somehow consider something differently. That’s all I can hope for, really.

Thanks for sticking with me. Happy reading. Keep in touch.

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